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Ethical, natural products for you, your horse and dog.

100% Natural, Ethical Shampoos for Horses and Dogs.


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Welcome to WashBox

We’re creators of natural, ethical shampoos and more for you, your horse and dog. After searching for natural and gentle shampoos for our own horses, it wasn’t long before we saw a need for more options on the market. We don’t use harsh chemicals to achieve results; instead, we use natural ingredients, carefully blended to work with your horse’s coat. All our products are delivered quickly to your door, so you can spend more quality time with your four legged friends. 

That’s not all – as animal lovers, we know first hand that we’re guilty of spending all our time thinking about our pets and less about ourselves! That’s why we’ve introduced the Lip Balm and Hand Cream, so that you can treat yourself too.

Treat yourself, your horse and your dog to natural, ethical products, all made in the heart of Nottinghamshire. 

Skin kind, gentle shampoos that really work.

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We’re an all-natural, eco-conscious brand focused on providing skin-happy products for you and your pets.