Wash Box

Ethical, natural products for you, your horse and dog.

Welcome to Wash Box

We are delighted to introduce our new website! Here, you’ll be able to find all our products, including new releases. Each product in our range is made with all-natural ingredients, designed to nourish and cleanse your horse and dog’s skin.

We’ve worked alongside Elaine from Scrub to develop this new range. Her 20+ years of soap making experience, combined with our own passions for all things equine and canine, has resulted in the Wash Box range.

So far, we’ve developed six different shampoo gels and shampoo bars, each designed to benefit your horse or dog with the infusion of essential oils. We’ve tried these shampoos on our own horses to much success, so we hope that you’ll enjoy using them too.

Our Hoof Balm is a favourite, too – it’s gently scented with Lemongrass essential oil and is so hydrating to the hoof. It’s easy to apply; just rub it into the hoof wall for days of shine.

We hope you enjoy our range – be sure to leave us a review and let us know what you think!

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