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Treat the feet and soak the coat with this great bundle deal!

Our nourishing Hoof Balm is perfect for hydrating the hoof, with a long-lasting finish. The balm can be applied to the hoof wall, sole and frog to provide support and prevent brittleness – something especially helpful in warm, dry conditions. The balm is made with a natural blend of beeswax and antibacterial, antifungal essential oils that assist in maintaining a healthy hoof.

The Shampoo gels are a popular choice for year-round bathing. They each feature a unique scent, infused with essential oils that help to enhance the coat. Each shampoo gel is created with an aloe vera base, which is perfect for gently hydrating the coat.

This deal is great for your use, or as a gift for a friend!

Please note: Colours may vary due to the handmade nature of the product.

200ml Shampoo Gel

Brightening, Cleansing, Fly Be Gone, Refresh, Relax Me, Revitalising

Hoof Balm (200ml)

Hoof Balm (200ml)


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