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Wash Box Hoof Balm is perfect for year-round use. We’ve developed this nourishing, hydrating balm with a natural blend of beeswax and antibacterial, antifungal essential oils to assist in maintaining a strong, healthy hoof.

Our delicate blend of ingredients leaves hooves moisturised for days. The versatile hoof balm can be used on the sole, frog and wall of the hoof to provide support and prevent brittleness. The balm can be used year round; should the product solidify in winter, simply leave in the sun until soft.

We use all-natural ingredients in our Hoof Balm, so you know that you’re being kind to the planet and to your horse.

The Wash Box Hoof Balm is best applied with a hoof oil brush. Before application, ensure the hooves are dry and clean of mud. Work the balm into the hoof wall, frog and sole, paying particular attention to the coronet band and leave to dry.

All products in the Wash Box range are made right here in the UK, in the heart of Nottinghamshire.




100ml, 500ml


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