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Our cleansing shampoo is perfect for horse in need of a deep clean! We’ve infused this gentle yet effective shampoo with Orange and Cinnamon essential oils to invigorate and cleanse the skin. The essential oils are thought to deter bugs and eggs to leave a clean, fresh coat – perfect for summer when flies are rife. It’s suitable for the mane, tail and coat.

Our shampoos are developed with an Aloe Vera base, which helps to provide hydration to the skin. Together with a mix of essential oils, it leaves your horse feeling and looking fresh.

To use our cleansing shampoo, rinse your horse thoroughly, ensuring they are wet to the skin. You’ll find that warm water works best here. Massage in the shampoo using your hands, a sponge or a rubber curry comb until the dirt lifts. Once you’re satisfied with the results, rinse your horse until no suds remain. A sweat scraper will help to pull moisture away from the coat, so that your horse will dry faster.

Please note: colours may vary due to the handmade nature of the product.




200ml, 500ml


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